Free Limited Ultrasounds

An unplanned pregnancy can feel scary and overwhelming, but there are a few things to do before making any big decisions. The first is to take a pregnancy test to confirm you’re actually pregnant. After that, you’ll want to get an ultrasound to gather vital information regarding your pregnancy.

Why you need an ultrasound

Regardless of whether you’re planning on an abortion, adoption, parenting, or if you don’t know yet, an ultrasound is an important next step in you decision-making process.

You need an ultrasound to let you know how far along you are into your pregnancy. This will determine your due date or what kind of abortion procedure you can have if you’re considering an abortion.

An ultrasound will also reveal the viability of the pregnancy. Pregnancies located outside the uterus (most often in the Fallopian tubes) are not viable and can be life-threatening to you. An ultrasound alerts you to any abnormalities like that so you can take the appropriate next step.

Free ultrasounds

If you are pregnant and need an ultrasound, we offer them for free at Pregnancy Matters. A member of our medical staff will administer the ultrasound, go over the images with you, and answer any questions you might have.

We also offer free consultations if you need help processing your decision. We want you to have all the education and resources you need to be fully-informed about a choice that will impact you and your future.

You’re welcome to bring someone with you to your appointment for your comfort and support. Pregnancy is an exciting experience for some women, but we know it’s also overwhelming and scary for others. Regardless of how you feel, we offer confidentiality and care as you navigate this season and make a decision.

Please contact us today to schedule your free appointment!